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Parts List
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Please Note: The list below is just a sample of some of the 1965/1966 vintage Mustang R-Model parts we have. We also carry a complete line of restoration, high performance and used original parts. Please contact us with your vintage Mustang needs.
All prices in USD
Part Number Description Price
VM008 Hood Prop Rod with Clip $32.00
VM046 Hood Springs (Lightweight) $32.95
VM024 Competition Rear Window, Plexiglass $439.95
VM031 Competition Rear Window Bracket $29.95
VM069 R-Model Trunk Lock & Fuel Filler Delete Kit $114.95
VM121 Long Lug Nuts (Square or Tapered Shank) Set of 20 $175.00
VM119-A Vintage 45 Mag Center Covers 16" $39.95
VM130 HiPo Alternator Pulley (Steel) $44.95
VM130-A HiPo Alternator Pulley (Aluminum) $29.95
VM005 R-Model Oil Cooler Brackets $29.95
VM103 LeMans Fuel Filler Cap $139.95
VM012 Courtesy Light Delete (pair) $6.95
VM006 Rear Seat Latch Delete Plate $26.95
VM002 R-Model Competition Seat Mount $75.00
VM050 Gauge Cluster Panel (Tach 2 5/8" Gauges) $49.95
VM022 Heater Delete Plate 1965/66 $23.95
VM057 Grabber Pedal Covers with Hardware (Alum.) $54.95
VM078 Roll Bar 4 Point Weld-In $Call
VM094 9" Rear Axle Housing 65/66 w/ Correct Tapered Tubes $500.00
VM139 Override Traction Bars 1965/66 Adjustable $Call
VM061 R-Model Rear Axle Bumper Brackets with Bumpers $Call
VM038 Quick Steering Kit 1965/66 $129.95
VM039 K333 Idler Arm Bearing Kit $49.95
VM011 Shock Tower Caps 1965/66 Extra Travel with Clips $Call

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NOTE: Prices & availability are subject to change.
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